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7 Best Surf Spots of Avellanas Beach in Costa Rica

Surfing Avellanas Beach Costa Rica


Surfing Playa Avellana

Are you considering taking a surf trip to one of the best surf places in Costa Rica and you are not sure where yet?

Then, let us show you a little bit about this one!

It is called Avellanas Beach, and it is located in the North Pacific Coast of Guanacaste Providence.

Avellanas is home to the famous Lola’s beachfront bar & restaurant where we, Avellanas Surf School Camp, have our base. We are the only school in this area that has been guiding and teaching to surf these seven different surf breaks for more than 20 years.

It is also the same beach where stands the JW Marriott Guanacaste Resort & Spa and Hacienda Pinilla Homes.

A local view of Avellanas Beach

Avellanas Beach Costa Rica

There are just a few beaches left in Costa Rica where you need to transit a dirt road to access them.

They are the kind of roads that pass a few old Tico homes, surf camps, and mini-markets.

These are roads that pass through the jungle. It used to be like this for most of the beaches in Guanacaste since the 50’ths.

 Avellanas Surfing Spots

Be sure Avellanas Beach is one of the best places to surf in Costa Rica for beginners as it is excellent for those intermediate and advanced surfers as well.

1. “The Purruja”

The first one is a reef break called “La Purruja.”  It is named in honor of the original old small bar where Lola’s is currently located. The surf spot is in front of and to the left of the parking lot. Similarly to a world-class wave with the right swell direction. Indeed a challenge for most intermediate level surfers. A must go for advanced level surfers.

Surf Spots Costa Rica La Purruja

2. “The Beach Break”

La Purruja also has a right wave called “beach break” where you will find most of the local’s surfing because it is insanely fun! The “Beach Break” is an ‘A’ frame wave that also breaks in front of Lola’s

surf spot avellanas beach Costa Rica

3. “Las Olas” (The Waves)

Continue walking (or surfing) South and right next to the “Beach break” it is the surf spot called “Las Olas.” Its name is because right in front of it is the entrance to Las Olas Villas where you can also enjoy a nice meal or get some drinks in its open restaurant. The most beautiful way to get there is by walking the famous wooden bridge which extends through the mangrove of Avellanas. It is perfect for a picture!

surfing avellanas beach costa rica

4. “Palo Seco” (Dry Stick)

If you take a few more steps to the right, you will find the third spot called “Palo Seco’. It is a smooth wave for those that are learning or at a basic level. Ideally for kids.

5. “The Estero” (River mouth)

If you continue walking north, you will encounter “The Estero” which is a river mouth break and great for advanced surfers.

6. “Pequeño Hawaii” (Little Hawaii)

Lastly, once you pass The Estero, you will encounter “Little Hawaii.” This wave is a dream come true. It is for advanced level surfers that love to rip hard.

little hawaii avellanas costa rica

7. “The Secret Spot”

We won’t tell the name here for obvious reasons

The seventh surf place locals keep it relatively private for themselves, close friends, and acquaintances. International visitors hardly ever get a chance at this wave. They have no idea that it is just a bit south of Avellanas and can be accessed by boat or a 20-minute paddle. When the conditions come together, this wave is world-class, one of the best surf spots in Costa Rica for sure!

secret surf spot avellanas beach costa rica

📍How to get to Avellanas Beach

Simple! Just open HERE with your google maps app.

From Tamarindo

You can take two different roads:

The first one is the most recommended to take care of your car. It’s the longest one, but still, you can get to Avellanas in 30 minutes. From Tamarindo get to Villarreal. At the intersection, take a right. Go straight forward for 17 km to “27 de Abril” and take a right. Drive two blocks and turn right. Continue straight ahead to the end of the road to “Paraiso” and guess what? Take a right. Continue straight forward for 4 km now through the bumpy road and pass “Los Pargos,” Negra beach and continue to the end of the way. Take another right in the soccer field of “Los Pargos” still in Negra beach. Drive the last 2 km straight forward and take a left . Welcome you are in Avellanas Beach!

The second one is coming from Tamarindo passing Villarreal. At the intersection, take a right. Follow the road to “Hernandez” and make a right drive for four blocks and you will get to the main entrance of “Hacienda Pinilla” where the JW Marriott is. Take a left and start the bumpy road. Drive for 13 km passing the “Pinilla” town, and you will get to Avellanas beach.

Would you like to learn to surf in Avellanas Beach?

Contact Avellanas Surf School with over 20 years teaching experience in this beach to help you catch the waves of your life!

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