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Semi Private

Semi private lesson Costa Rica

Have a wonderful experience as a couple or just as friends by surfing together

There is nothing that can explain the empowering feeling that come by taking surf lessons with another person.
For some reason, the commitment and achievement standard grows to a higher level. Maybe it has a lot to do with the personalization that you get from sharing your instructor but mostly, because not only do you learn from your mistakes but also from your partner’s. This humbled you and makes your learning curve easier.

The Semi-Private Surfing Lessons Include

✅ A total of 1 hour and 30 minutes of coaching in a fun way: 20 minutes learning and practicing technique on the sand, stretching and emphasizing safety tips and the rest of the time on the water.

✅ Sof-tops in excellent conditions.

✅ Comfortable customized rash-guards.

✅ A surf instructor for the two surfers.

Price: $60 per person

Usually the conditions are very good. The mid tides is the most recommendable to start the lessons. Therefore we make sure that they take as many waves as possible.

* Please consider that surf lessons times are set according to tides and wind conditions. For your safety please be flexible to reschedule if needed.